Privacy policy
We recognize the importance of the personal information provided by the customer and handles it based on the following policy.
■ About acquiring personal information
We will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means in accordance with the law concerning the protection of personal information.
■ About the contents of information to be acquired
We will acquire application usage history of the application and information entered by the user on the input form specified by us.
■ Purpose of using personal information
We will use it within the range of purpose of use indicated when acquiring personal information, as far as necessary for carrying out business.
■ Provision to a third party
We will not provide the information to third parties without customer's consent, except when linking customer information with external services, when we provide services on behalf of our company, and cases such as stipulated in laws and regulations.
■ Management of personal information
We will properly and carefully manage personal information and prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., as well as implement necessary and appropriate countermeasures.
■ Disclosure, Correction, Stop Usage and Elimination of Personal Information
If you wish to disclose, correct, stop using, delete, etc. about your personal information, please make a request according to the procedures defined by us. We will respond within the reasonable range after confirming the identity etc.
■ About change
This Personal Information Protection Policy may be revised in order to take more appropriate measures.
■ Contact
For further information, please send us an email to

Terms of service
1.First of all
(1) This application will be provided by CUTBOSS (hereinafter referred to "we", “us” or “our”). When using this application and its related services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), please use the terms of the agreement by all means, please use. In addition, if you use all or part of this service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.
(2) To use this application, please agree to other contracts and other guidelines determined by, as well as this Terms of service. If the terms of use and the terms of use are different, this Terms of Service shall prevail.
(3) We shall be able to change this Terms of Service and other related Terms of Service (hereinafter collectively referred to as "these Terms and Service") without prior notice to this user of this application. If you use this application after this Terms of Service change, it will be deemed that you have accepted those new Terms and Service.
2. Digital contents of works etc.
(1) About purchase
A. This application user can purchase works, illustrations, items and other digital contents (hereinafter referred to as "book content") that can be used with this application.
B. The user of this application can purchase this content with the amount (tax included) displayed on the final purchase confirmation screen in this application.
C. The user of this application shall pay the price of this contents by the payment method prescribed by the store.
D. In principle, this content will be granted to the user of this application when the purchase procedure by this user is completed. The point of completion of the purchase procedure of this content is assumed to be the point in time when the purchase button is pushed on this application (when the authentication procedure by password input is required, when the authentication procedure is completed).
E. When purchasing this content, a separate communication fee will be charged in addition to the price of this content.
F. With respect to the payment of the price for this Content, in the event of any dispute between the user of this application and the store in connection with the reason not related to us, all this happens between the user of this application and the store We shall assume the responsibility and we will not assume any responsibility.
G. If a minor purchases this content, he / she shall obtain the consent of the parent or guardian.
H. If you uninstall this application before purchase of this content and this content is added, even if you install this application again, this content will not be automatically added and we will contact you We need your time on above. In that case, we cannot return this content because of the delay in granting this content.
I. If you do not complete the cancellation by the deadline stipulated by the company that pays the fee for the period designation service such as the monthly course, the contract will be automatically renewed.
J. We may temporarily change the usage fee and usage details of this content with campaign etc. without prior notice to this user. In that case, we will not compensate for the difference.
K. This application and this service are only for individuals who have their own accounts set by Apple, Google, etc. (ID, email address, etc. but not limited to this, hereinafter referred to as "account") It can be used.
L. Regardless of the provision of K, if you wish to use the corporation, union, circle etc. (hereinafter referred to as "organization"), please contact us in advance and only if you obtain our consent It shall be available.
M. You cannot use this application and this service by making your own account use a third party, etc. Also, we cannot let other individuals in the group use the account of individual belonging to the group, and let us use this application and this service.
3. Prohibited acts
(1) This application user cannot exchange this contents for cash etc. in any case.
(2) The user of this application shall not perform any of the following actions concerning this service.
Actions contrary to these Terms and Conditions
B. Acts that infringe or possibly infringe the rights of us or third parties concerning this service
C. Commercial acts using this service, commercial acts, or other acts deemed to be similar thereto
D. Acts that interfere with or are likely to administer the service
E. Acts that may violate or violate laws and ordinances
4. Suspension, loss of qualification
(1) If we do not pay for the contents of this application, we will violate these terms of use etc. In case of violation of laws, ordinances, ordinances, etc. In addition, if there is illegal act, books for this user of this application You can take measures such as stopping the provision of services.
(2) Please be aware that we cannot refund the price of this content when we stop, stop or abolish the provision of this service to this application user.
5. About the refund of the price for this content
(1) With regard to the price of this content, we will not issue a refund in any case, except in cases where we should refund by law.
(2) In cases where we should make a refund pursuant to laws and regulations, we will publicly announce the facts and refund method by posting on our website etc. or other methods, and we will issue a refund procedure in accordance with laws and ordinances.
6. Termination of this service
We may terminate this service due to circumstances such as revision or abolition of laws and ordinances, changes in social conditions, changes in various circumstances surrounding us.
7. Conflict
In the event of a dispute between us and this application user, we will have exclusive jurisdiction over the Osaka District Court. In that case, the applicable law is Japanese law.